ATF 4 semi synthetic

maxxpower premium ATF 4 is a high performance semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid for life time application in automatic transmissions of modern vehicles. An extremely shear stable VI improver in connection with modern anti-wear additives and friction modifiers guarantee stable long lasting performance in modern automatic transmissions equipped with an electronically controlled converter clutch.

Application scope

maxxpower premium ATF 4 is an automatic transmission oil for use in servo steering systems, hydrodynamic converters and hydraulics in vehicles, trucks, buses and construction vehicles, for use where the manufacturer specifications state ATF Type 4 is required. Fully compatible with all Dexron IID and Dexron III ATF.


Specifications / Recommendations

MB 236.11

BMW 83 22 9 407 807 (LT 71141)

Porsche P/N 000 043 205 28

Item code Container size Gross weight Package unit
36910 1 Liter 0.933 kg 12
36911 5 Liter 4.600 kg 3
36912 20 Liter 18.300 kg 1
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